Smaller companies often create the most innovative and eco-friendly products. But to stand a chance against bigger, well-established brands, performance is not always enough. You have to capture the customer right at the shelf.

CBR products is a Vancouver-based company that manufactures a line of eco-friendly finishes under the BRODA® name. I came across them first as a customer, and was amazed at the quality of the products. This is one environmentally-friendly option that definitely delivers.

We began with some basic brand discovery which led us to a key insight: protecting the wood was as important to customers as taking care of the environment. The tag-line 'Protect it all™' has now come to represent BRODA's product performance, environmental pledge and overall corporate responsibility.

As an emerging brand with limited shelf space, BRODA® needed to stand out. We deliberately chose very 'un-paint' imagery, selecting photos that represented the company's roots in Vancouver and Whistler, incorporating the wood grain subtly within the protective clothing of the outdoorspeople. According to the client, the new packaging helps BRODA® literally 'sell itself'.

Advertising and POS
With limited advertising dollars, we carefully select publications and make every ad as impactful as possible. Unicycle handles all writing, creative and production. Shelf talkers and brochures lead customers to the CBR website where they can see the product in use and access all technical data.

We are now into the third year of the campaign, helping the client achieve double-digit growth.

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