At first glance, London Drugs does not bear the hempy hallmarks of a deep green brand. But for years, they have been quietly improving the environmental footprint of their operations and bringing more eco-beneficial options into their product mix. With growing public awareness and demand for ‘green’, the London Drugs executive and marketing team decided the time was right to tell their story.

The Assignment
Unicycle Creative was engaged to consult on communications and the development of a Green Marketing Strategy. This was done through a three-step process; 1) Analyzing what their competitive set was doing in the ‘green’ world; 2) Reviewing and centralizing London Drugs existing program communications; 3) Developing and naming a sustainability brand platform and in-store execution that fit with London Drugs’ corporate values.

Unlike some green product programs, ‘What’s the Green Deal?’ is not designed to judge which products are ‘green’ and which are not. It simply identifies product benefits and transparently communicates London Drugs’ operational eco-initiatives.

For customers, ‘What’s the Green Deal?’ highlights eco-friendly features of products right at the shelf. It also lets people know about the ‘green’ services London Drugs offers, from in-store recycling drop-off for plastic bags, batteries, electronics and appliances, to the packaging take-back on all purchases.

For interested organizations and the media, also compiles London Drugs corporate environmental and sustainability information in one easily accessible resource.

Now it has evolved into the social media sphere, with Unicycle providing ongoing product research, blog writing and Twitter posting services.

The real strength of ‘What’s the Green Deal’ is that it’s a program based on the customer service values and ‘friendly expert’ brand positioning that is at the heart of London Drugs. It has the support of the executive. And it’s backed by some very solid corporate behavior that had its start long before sustainability was a water cooler buzzword.

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