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To make sustainable change, re-examine your marketing media and practices. Affordable DVD production and broadband Internet video offer a carbon-light way to spread your message with emotion and depth.

Inhance Mutual Funds' process of responsible investing brings the opportunity to make real change to every Canadian with an investment portfolio. Unfortunately, the investment advisors who make many of the decisions can be a tough group to reach.

The Carbon-Neutral Road Show Concept
Funds are usually presented through a cross-country 'road show' where advisors attend multimedia presentations, hotel rooms are booked, planes are flown, and carbon produced. Inhance VP of Marketing, Krista Vriend, wanted to replace the road show with a video, and through Unicycle, the concept of a DVD was launched.

Return on Responsibility™
This positioning, which Krista Vriend and Lorne Craig developed for Inhance in 2005, was a natural choice for the theme of the DVD. Investors choose to view a stream of content focused on either returns or responsibility. In the end, it is evident that with Inhance, investors can have both.

Lean Production, Rich Talent
With Director/Cameraman Don Barnard, a tight crew and the latest in digital video gear gave us efficient shooting. Dr. Marc Garneau, Canada's first astronaut, provided a unique perspective on global warming. Royalty-free footage from NASA gave us high impact on a budget. Top-notch editing from Tonic Post and sound from GGRP finished the production to DVD standard.

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