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Large car, or compact moving van?

I bought this1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 for $100. On an icy February in 1985, it carried me, my couch, my hockey stick, my drafting chair, my 10-speed bike and everything else I owned 868km from Canmore, Alberta, to Vancouver, BC. Powered by a 455 cuibic-inch V-8, it used more fuel than a space shuttle launch, and when the muffler came off in Hope, it was almost as loud.
I now try to live my life as sustainably as I can. The vehicle that is Unicycle Creative is built to navigate challenges of marketing and branding that weren't even invented when our fathers' Oldsmobiles were tearing up the Trans-Canada.
Still, we make decisions the best we can for the times, armed with spotty intel and an overfunctioning survival instinct. Thirty years from now, when we look back, what rusted hulks will we see in our rear view mirror?
Jump aboard, and let's find out.

Lorne Craig - President, Unicycle Creative


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